À PROPOS (About)

“She takes care of everything food related while you enjoy St. Barth.”

IB was stung by the bug as a child growing up with Buby’s fantastic passion
for food and entertainment. In her 20’s, when her career as a dancer / choreographer
ended, she moved to St. Barth and redirected her passion, discipline and creativity
towards the culinary arts. Since her arrival in 1986 her addiction has grown steadily.

“I love food and all that goes with it; creating menus, table settings,
plate presentations, ambiance, the intricacies and subtleties of tastes,
global cuisines, diets… Each of these attributes is a valuable consideration
when creating any occasion, from simple home meals and picnics to gourmet
restaurants, catered parties and large events.”

IB works closely with clients putting together personalized food schedules
to assure a totally positive experience while on St. Barth. She and her staff
organize and cater daily meals in villas and on yachts, private parties, and
special events for a diverse clientele; celebrities & V.I.P.s, discerning
gastronomes, people with special diets, different tastes and budgets.

“Nothing is a problem. It’s all about having fun while doing what you love.
I have the sensitivity, resources and passion to guarantee your satisfaction +

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